What Are the Various Types of SSL Certificate and How They Can Be Used

The term SSL stands for secure socket layer. It is an important internet related term referring to technology that protects websites and secures transferred information on the internet. The SSL protocol encrypts information with special codes during online information transfers and transactions while providing private channels necessary for data transmission.

SSL certificates are available for web sites that require online security and protection. The certificates can be purchased and the most common certificates offer protection that provides for 128 bit encryption. Presently the industry standard is 128 bit, cpr brisbane and 256 bit encryption is also available. The higher bit encryption provides higher quality protection and security. Certificates offering more or less than this are available and costs vary. The certificates are absolutely necessary for customer confidence and information security protection with online transactions.

The SSL certificate proves the existence of security and technology important for protecting sensitive data transmissions. Information protected by SSL technology can include personal information whether credit card numbers, social security numbers, banking account numbers or highly personal, business or government information. There are four different types of certificates. These include dedicated, shared, wildcard, and free.

The dedicated SSL certificate is assigned to one specific domain. Among the most expensive type of certificates, the dedicated certificate usually does not protect sub domains attached to the same site nor is it shared with any other domain name.

Shared SSL certificates are less expensive. This term refers to a certificate that is shared by more than one site. This type is often provided in a generic form by web hosting sites to their customers. When generic the web site’s name or logo won’t appear with the certificate. Should a web site be moved from one web host to another, the generic certificate cannot be transferred. If shared and the certificate isn’t generic there is a possibility the certificate will appear with a name different from the represented site, which could present a conflict for the sharing web sites.

Wildcard SSL certificates are like blankets that secure an unlimited number of sub domains that fall under a main web site. This technology protects interacting sub domains with the main site providing secure transmissions amongst them and for each of them with transmissions and transactions outside the main domain anywhere on the internet.

Free SSL certificates exist and offer the lowest price option, although they are sometimes not completely free. While free SSL certificates are enticing when considering price, they can have a less trustworthy level of encryption and security. There is a chance these are not offered by reputable companies so as with all transactions it is very important to investigate before making any commitments. The “free” certificate may also be offered as a trial. Be sure to check for integrity and read the fine print with any offers.



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