Online Calendar on Your Phone

Using an online calendar is great. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you are good to go. Organizing your events and even sharing calendars with groups of people has never been easier. It is truly a better solution than the paper calendar, hand out/posted schedules, and individual software that can only be used on one computer. However with the advancement of mobile phones, there is now the technology to have your online calendar on your smartphone as well. Chess tournaments calendar

There are three main ways to access your web calendar from your phone. They are as follows:

Syncing your phones default calendar to your calendars website: This is the most common way to access online calendars. The upside is it is relatively easy to sync your phone and everything is always readily available by opening up your calendar application. The downsides are unless you have a PALM phone you most likely really dislike the stock calendar application on your phone. Also sometimes the sync takes time or just does not update at all along with only being able to choose from either Google calendar or Yahoo calendar. Most phones do not accept all website synchronization which could be your choice of online calendar. If you choose to use Google calendar then this option is most likely the best for you.

Access your online calendar via mobile web: You can access any online calendar via mobile web. This option is not exactly convenient and the viewing pleasure is usually disappointing since your phone is not nearly as large as the computer screen. In order to access your online calendar this way you will need to open up the phones browser and log into your calendars web page. This can be very tedious.

Using third party apps from the app catalogue: This may be the best option if your online calendar of choice has built a mobile app for you to use. The functionality is great and it is easily accessed by opening up the downloaded calendar application. Everything syncs in real time between the mobile app and online calendar and the design is usually very user friendly. The downside to this is that most calendar sites do not have a mobile app for every phone or a mobile app at all. This gap should narrow though as the future heads toward mobile devices. Another downside is that the application may cost money to download or be loaded up with ads that take up precious space on your phone’s screen. If your calendar makes a mobile app that you like then this is your best option and will most likely be the mobile calendaring option in the future.



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