Gold Coast Longboards: The Boozal

If you are new to longboarding, or just someone looking for a great cruising longboard, then the Gold Coast Boozal is one you need to consider. whatinasia

Who was the Boozal designed for?

Have you ever experienced the thrill of surfing or imagined yourself carving your name on the face of a wave? Then longboard cruising is the riding style you are looking for. As a skateboarder, you may have some idea of what I am describing, but if you have never actually taken the time to fully check out a longboard, you are still missing out on some awesome thrills.

The Boozal by Gold Coast Longboards, is the perfect place to begin your longboarding experience. This longboard is 44 inches in length and nine and a half inches wide. The deck shape is considered a nomad which adds a little more surfing feel over the pin-tail or tear-drop shape. As such, it is considered Gold Coast longboards’ more classic cruiser model. In addition to the nomad shape, the Boozal has a pronounced kick-tail, great for crack hoping or avoiding those wheel munching obstacles. Not evident in the photos, the nose and tail of this board are contoured from side to side, being an excellent design for better foot and edge control. Braking news

The Boozal design

Boozal deck is constructed with seven layers of bamboo, adding strength, without the extra weight. Gold Coast Longboards wants everyone to know that this is also an environmentally friendly effort on their part, in that they use a well-known fast-growing bamboo. This wood resource is easily renewable, having a growth rate of nearly five foot a day.

The artwork on the board was hand crafted and adds the islander look and feel, distinctive for any “Big Kahuna.” However, less popular among owners, is the factory installed grip tape. This is die-cut and was intended to add a unique look and feel to the top of the board. The grip tape is distinctive in appearance, investorpedia but most complaints center abound its lack of functionality. Often reviewers mention that they generally preferred to apply the grip tape personally. Although mentioned, this one negative never seems to have deterred the reviewers from giving this deck an over-all positive rating. buycocaineonline

The heart of the board and the parts that makes this such a great cruising and carving longboard, are the two seven-inch reverse pivot Century trucks with rubber risers. This particular truck is top mounted, with very little axle contour. To these classic trucks are added the famous Gold Coast Longboards’ 70 mm wheels with an 80 Durometer rubber hardness rating. This wheel has proven to be excellent over a variety of surfaces. In addition to adding smoothness to your ride, brisbaneminiexcavators this wheel is great for carving, having a softer, more gripping rubber design. It is often noted in reviews,that these wheels are very fast. However, we believe that this is more a function of the bearings. Honed to a ABEC-7 tolerance, the wheel bearings also incorporate Teflon housing guards to protect from dust, dirt and other various debris. All together, the Century trucks, the Gold Coast Wheels and the bearing design, make this one of the longer lasting stock wheel setups on the market today. goldcoastclearcarts



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