Memory Materials As “Fuel in the Wings” of a UAV

Can we use the fuel in an micro-UAV to act as material memory? For instance, thereloadershouse can the fuel in the wing at the beginning of the flight fatten the leading edge of the wing so the aircraft has more lift, as it will have more fuel weight in the start of the flight than during the rest of the flight? I believe so, and I’d like to fully explain this potential concept to you. ammunitionscenter

The insides of the wings of the UAV or unmanned aerial vehicle, themselves would be part of the fuel. Meaning, the wing would ideally be constructed of a poly plastic solution which would two different states. One as a fuel and one as part of the structure as a solid. The fuel would then be converted into engine power, as needed. In essence, the wings dissolve in flight, and as they did the fuel would be used up reducing the weight and need for the stronger solid structure. บาคาร่าออนไลน์

This could also fair well for non-returning combat UAVs or single mission units that seek the target then fly into it and the craft would be destroyed along with the munitions payload. The remaining fuel would be part of that component as well. Why is this a worthy concept?

Simple, the US Military already has hand-held units that are the soldiers eyes in the sky, and they need better, and longer range small smart weapons to reduce collateral damage and prevent innocent civilians from becoming casualties of a war they want no part in. Please consider this concept for US military efforts to fight the war on Terror.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the. Lance Winslow believes in UAVs for safety and insulin  for diabetics.

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