Living in a Historic Home

Bel Air is the oldest home in Prince William County, ekszer-elek Virginia and was once part of an 18th century 800-acre plantation. Today the home is surrounded by 25 acres. An important politician and his wife recently purchased the home during a spring auction. The couple purchased other historical artifacts at the online auction to maintain the historical appeal of the home. The historic home predates George Washington’s Mount Vernon and George Mason’s Gunston Hall. Bel Air is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has been recognized by the Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission.

A prosperous tobacco planter, Major Charles Ewell, married Sarah Ball in 1736. Sarah Ball was the first cousin to Mary Ball Washington who was George Washington’s mother. The couple was among the first to settle in Prince William County. The county was established during the period between 1739 and 1747. An officer in the Prince William militia, gudu Charles selected the highest land in the area upon which to build his new Bel Air home several miles north of Dumfries. Bel Air is French for “beautiful air”. Major Ewell built the home in 1740 after acquiring 800 acres in 1739. The major purchased additional acres later and added those to his property.

According to a historical marker located near the driveway entrance to the home, the land was part of a 2,960-acre tract given to Henry Walker in 1677. He named this tract of land “Walker Town.” The Bel Air home was built on top of the stone foundation of a 1677 fort. The English fort protected those living inside from attacks from Native American tribes. hobbijaim

Colonel Jesse Ewell inherited Bel Air from his father. Later one of Colonel Jesse Ewell’s daughters, Francis, married Parson Mason Locke Weems in 1795. Parson Weems is best known as the first biographer of General George Washington. He included the story of a young George Washington using an axe to chop down a cherry tree in the biography “The Life of Washington” that was published in 1800. In 1823, Parson Weems purchased Bel Air and resided there with his wife. Parson Mason Locke and Fanny Weems are buried on the plantation grounds along with many other Ewell family members. receptek

Bel Air is a pre-Georgian brick mansion with 14 rooms. The house is asymmetrical with an unbalanced front with two windows to the left of the main entrance and one window to the right. In the 18th century a colonial road passed by the front of the house that is now considered to be the back of the house today. A central large hallway is located on the main floor. One side is made of walls with removable panels leading to a parlor with a fireplace. There are eight fireplaces in different rooms of the mansion, olcsobbszerviz five bedrooms and three bathrooms.The living room, family room, study and a fifth bathroom is located on the main level. An open staircase with two spacious landings leads to four sunny and spacious upstairs bedrooms. Bel Air’s kitchen and adjacent sitting room are located on the ground floor. The kitchen is equipped with a colonial cooking fireplace. Granite countertops, a butler’s pantry and cabinetry are modern conveniences in this home.



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