New York Restaurant Guide

The immense metropolis of New York guarded by the towering statue of liberty simply staggers one with its overwhelming force. New York is a land of contrasts where madly bustling cities and immense cloud piercing sky scrapers co-exist with quaint little towns, serene wooded mountains, bar trivia company new york and fine beautiful beaches. Being a cultural melting pot, New York’s cuisine is somewhat legendary as one can see by the sheer number of restaurants and eating joints scattered across the landscape. Let us check out just some of the hottest ones.

Gramercy Tavern

This charmer rubs shoulders with the most popular US restaurants. Check out appetizers like the grilled baby octopus, Portobello tart, fish stew, and lamb leg sandwich at the Tavern Room. In the main dining room, you can select your dinner from choices like three course prix fixe menu, seasonal seven course tasting menu, and vegetable tasting seven course menu. Patrons may also check out the seasonal five course tasting menu and the a la carte three course market menu. Some of the most recommended items are chilled lobster, roasted sweetbreads, braised lamb shoulder, rabbit and roasted shallots, Baked bars carts and braises lobster mushrooms served with salt baked king salmon.


Discover a taste of Scandinavia at the Aquavit. The fact that Marcus Samuelsson, a chef and co-owner here has been decorated with numerous accolades including the Best Chef New York City title, speaks volumes about the food here. Celebrate your dining experience either at the café, private dining room, or main dining room. Not to be missed is the Swedish Smorgasbord. Stark white walls against a contrast of muted woods create the perfect Swedish environment. side hustle stack


If you care for some old world charm, head to Savoy, a quaint little double storied restaurant. Housed in a Federal style townhouse of the 1830s, its cozy dining rooms complete with log burning fireplaces spell romance. A horseshoe shaped bar adorns the ground floor. The a la carte fare is subject to frequent changes. A small plate menu can be availed at any time of the day. Blk Kat Carts

Cheaper Options

These restaurants are among the high end ones. For cheap food, one may stake out the different self service cafes, restaurants, and supermarkets. A good bet is the Whole Foods Market of 14th Street with its numerous self service food stalls. Similarly, Jackson Heights, Flushing, and Chinatown abound with cheap restaurants. A thumb rule for tipping in New York is 15% of the total bill and to save on that, one can order take away food. So, if you have bought airline tickets to New York and have some apprehensions on food, be rest assured that the city will prove to be a gastronomic adventure. low carb

Even some of the cheaper restaurants rate among the most popular ones. For instance, Famous Joe’s Pizza enjoys consistent popularity for being one of the best slices of New York. Those who are fascinated with the 1920s gangster ridden prohibition era US would do well to visit the Twenty One Club. The club opened as an illegal drinking den during that time. Today, the serve award winning wines and sumptuous American culinary delights. However, the excitement of those long ago turbulent days hang heavy in the air. Dinosaur Bar-be-cue, B-Bap Fusion Bar, and Dumpling Man are just a few of the other cheaper options. health



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