Super Hero T Shirts – A Look at 5 Awesome Looking Batman T Shirts

Apart from Superman apparel, rg3th perhaps the best known of all types of super hero t shirts are DC Comic’s Batman t shirts. The Caped Crusader was co-created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger and first appeared in Detective Comics No. 27, in May 1939. A year later, the character gained his own comic book, Batman, and soon became one of the most popular super heroes around. v9slot

Batman lives in the fictional town of Gotham City and is assisted in his crime fighting by various characters, including his sidekick Robin, his butler Alfred and fellow super hero, Batgirl. However, it is the huge assortment of villains, including the Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler and Cat Women, joker8899z which have helped catapult Batman’s popularity.

Of the myriad of Batman t shirts currently on sale, there are a few special ones that stand out from the crowd. Below are five of my personal favorites, which every Dark Knight fanatic should definitely take the time to check out.

Batman Vintage T-shirt

The Vintage tee shirt is a variation on the classic Batman logo. It consists of a black shirt with the familiar yellow bat logo, which has been distressed in order to give it a vintage look. This is a great looking, simple design, which will go great together with a pair of jeans. 123maxx

Batman Flames T-shirt

These Caped Crusader super hero t shirts are another to feature the classic bat logo. This time the logo is alight in blue flames. This is another great variation of the classic Batman design, with a color combination that goes great with a pair of light colored pants.

Batman Cloudy Signal T-Shirt

Instead of using the logo, these Batman t shirts are based around the Bat signal in the sky. Made from a super soft material, giving a pre-washed feel, ruay88 the black shirts have a smoke effect over the Bat signal, which works really well.

Dark Knight Eye Card Joker T-shirt

The next shirt on the list is the only one that does not feature Batman himself, but instead one of his archenemies, the Joker. Of course, this is the Joker as portrayed by the late Heath Ledger, who is featured on a black shirt holding a Batman playing card up to his eye. These shirts are a wonderful tribute to perhaps the best ever Joker.

Batman Belt Costume T-shirt

I have saved my personal favorite to the end, thetechboy which is an officially licensed Batman t-shirt made by Junk Food apparel, and which can only be described as being half costume, half tee shirt. These novelty Batman t shirts appear to include Batman’s grey top, blue pants and his utility belt and really are great fun to wear.



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