Cost Efficient Costume This Halloween – The Joker

Experiencing tight budget? It’s no reason to miss all the fun this coming Halloween! Here are some very helpful tips to make your Halloween perfect without spending much! Wondering how? Simple – be The Joker this coming November! arianm

If you are thinking that being the Joker needs to spend some cash for the costume, well don’t fret yet and think again! We are here to assure you that you have nothing to worry about because all you need is in your house!

First, of course you need a get-up. Well, search your closet and look for your old black pants, a white shirt, a tie, and vest. If you do not have a vest, a jacket would do. Wear them all, mandaltempotraveller with your shirt tucked-in, tie placed neatly in the middle of the shirt and your vest or jacket zipped halfway to your chest. Pay a little attention to your clothes; the most crucial part is the make-up that distinguishes your character.

For the make-up, we will first create the base. Search anywhere in the house for a foundation or a concealer. Hint, they are mostly found inside girls’ pouches. If you are able to grab a foundation, dab the sponge with a little water then rub it in the foundation and wipe it into your face. Apply it heavily and evenly then let it dry. When it dries, it will give a pale appearance. However, if you were able to find a concealer, just apply it directly to your face heavily and evenly. The concealer needs no drying. After the base, shoplocalgta we will paint your eyes black with a black or gray eye shadow. Grab the applying stick and apply a generous amount in your upper eyelid in an inner to outer motion that is from the corner near your nose bridge to the outer side of the eyelid. When you are done with your upper eyelids, apply a small line just under your lower eyelid and still in inner to outer motion. Then we now go painting your lips red with a lipstick. Smile and let your cheeks puff a little. With the lipstick, work your way from the middle of your puffed cheek towards your lips unto the other cheek. Don’t worry if you smudge your face with red, it’s all part of the get-up. actualidad-logistica

And the last but not the least, your hairdo. Apply a small amount of hair wax or gel and do your hair the way you want it, whether spiky tips, flat top, messy look or any other way. Then dab a little baby powder to have a whitish effect. netnaijas

Stand in front of a mirror and smile your biggest smile! You are all ready to go trick or treating. You see, having a perfect Halloween does not come with what you have but how you celebrate it. Just like Joker, he can make Batman very busy just with his simple deck of cards and toys! asia999



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