Frank Mir – 15 Things You Might Not Know About the Former UFC Champion

At the time this article was written, Frank Mir was getting set to meet Shane Carwin for the interim UFC Heavyweight belt in March of 2010. Here are 15 things you might not know about the former UFC champion. Apostille NYC

1.) Born Francisco Santos Mir III on May 24, 1979
2.) First professional fight was against Jerome Smith in Hook and Shoot (win by decision)
3.) First pro loss was against Ian Freeman in UFC 38 by way of TKO
4.) Never has lost 2 pro fights in a row
5.) Has 8 wins by submission Fight Night Champion PC
6.) 2008 Sherdog comeback fighter of the year
7.) 1998 Nevada State wrestling champion
8.) Made UFC debut against Roberto Traven (win by submission)
9.) Received his jiu-jitsu black belt after only 5 years of training
10.) Received “Tap Out Of The Night” honors at UFC 34
11.) Has 2 wins by KO
12.) Still holds a discus record at his high school in California (Sunset) of 177 feet
13.) He first studied Kenpo Karate under his fatherDubai Web Design Company
14.) Has never been submitted as a professional
15.) Had a high school wrestling record of 44-1

After Frank Mir was involved in a life-threatening motorcycle accident while holding the UFC Heavyweight belt,  it looked as though his fight career would be over and that he would be lucky to be able to live a normal life. Instead he has risen against great odds to now fight for the heavyweight title in the UFC a third time. C8 Corvette
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