Creative Postage Options to Enhance Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Postage for your direct mail- there are more marketing options and excitement than you might think. Studies have shown that direct mail pieces- envelopes, postcards, Postager anything that you send in the mail- that has a postage stamp on it or actual postage that doesn’t look like bulk mail gets opened and read at a much higher rate. So what are your options when it comes to postage so you can increase your direct mail success rate? Read on for creative postage ideas. TheRussia

Coordinating Stamps

You can use regular stamps from the post office. If you’re looking for something cost-effective and can’t afford customized postage, this is the best option for you. There are a lot of stamps in the market. If you go online to the United States Postal Service website, Rottenpanda you can order stamps online and have them delivered directly to you. Do this in advance of a direct mail campaign so that you’ll have them in time for your next direct mail piece. There are a lot of different designs. It didn’t used to be this way. There used to be only a couple of different options for standardized postage. But now, there are several options. For example, if you are a wedding coordinator and need postage for invitations you’re handling for a client, Jetfuelmeals there are stamps that say ‘love’ or wedding designs. Pick stamps that match your brand at the same time you’re using the most cost-effective postage for your business. Technology companies can get stamps with innovators. Creative businesses can get stamps that are more artsy or abstract. autoverkopen24

Customized Stamp

Businesses can also have customized stamps created. There are several services in the marketplace that allow you to make customized stamps. Find several by typing in ‘custom stamps’ in your search engine online. Companies upload logos, taglines, and photos of mascots or team members to these popular sites. Others choose to simply print a message on their stamps. The message could relate to company values or a specific cause that the company supports. There is an additional fee for the customization in addition to the postage amount, but custom stamps are a creative and effective way to get the attention of the readers of your direct mail pieces. They are more apt to open the envelope with custom stamps.

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Customized Indicia

Another type of customization is for the actual postal indicia used in a postage meter. There are different ways of creating them. Some companies will actually make their indicia look like it’s in the shape of an actual stamp. Others will put a message on theirs. A lot of non-profits use a customized indicia relating to donating. Companies use them to tout their mission or use a catchy phrase to get the attention of the recipient. Another thing beautiful thing about an indicia and postage meter is that it saves you money because you’re mailing in bulk and using bulk postage rates. Don’t pay the full price for first class postage if you don’t have to. Save the money for your marketing!

‘Dummy’ Stamps

An additional thing companies do is print ‘dummy’ stamps. You can have one or more of these created. These are stickers the size and shape of a stamp (so that they look like actual postage). They will be positioned next to your indicia. Companies design them with different messages or promotions. The ‘dummy’ stamps might have different images of your latest campaign and some wording. Be very careful not to use a lot of wording. Doing this still gives the look and the feel of having customized postage while keeping the postage savings of your indicia. Best of all, it still increases the response rate.

Of course you always need to make sure that you’re following postal regulations for these postage ideas. Any of these ideas will make your mail stand out. Your direct mail piece is an important, invaluable tool in your marketing communications plan. Get creative with your postage to increase the open rate for even better direct mail results.



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