Video Game Testers Can Earn $120 An Hour – Learn 4 Techniques To Start Your Gaming Career Today!

Video game testers can earn a up to $120 an hour working from home! You are going to learn how you can get started in this field!

First, you should know this is not a joke. Video game testers help game development companies find bugs. By doing this you prevent huge profit losses for the company should they need to recall a game and fix it. Game testing is a serious business.

Technique 1: Look at the right websites

You want to make a list of all the game developer websites you can (like SEGA, Microsoft, Acclaim etc). Check them every few days and within a few weeks you should be able to find a job posting for a beta tester soon enough.

Technique 2: Use the right selling points on your application

You want to sell your ability to test games and find bugs—not how good you are at Halo 3. You want to express your skill in: สล็อตออนไลน์

1. Communication: you can find bugs and report them clearly

2. Patience: you can play the same game for hours on end

3. Persistence: you can play the same level over and over

4. Attention to detail: you can find major and minor bugs

Remember, you will be hired as a one of their video game testers to TEST their game. This isn’t a joke, and while you can work from home, you will have to work at this and do a good job.

Technique 3: Offer to work for free!

If you really want to become a highly paid video game tester, you need to start somewhere. Offering to work for free can get you hired when your lack of experience would have held you back.

Technique 4: Send them a unique letter

You want to stand out as unique so try this: send them a game case with a plastic bug in it. Have a note inside that reads “don’t let your next game get taken over by bugs, call me at…” That would leave a positive impression and it expresses your selling point—you find bugs!

Now you have 4 powerful techniques to find your very first video game tester job. If you want to become one of the higher paid video game testers, you need to start building a solid gaming resume and get contacts. Start relationships with people on the inside and work from there.

Get out there and make your gaming career happen. Best of luck.

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