Total Preventive Maintenance – Discover Five Tips For Better Preventive Maintenance

Total preventive maintenance (TPM) is a form of maintenance management that originated in Japan and is becoming increasingly popular in the west. The basic premise is that the workers who operate the machinery are also the ones who identify and repair the smaller issues. More complicated problems may still require a specially trained repairman. Because TPM can be difficult, here are five tips to make it work for you:

1. Train employees thoroughly to identify and repair problems with the machinery. This seems obvious, but is the most essential step. If you ask an employee with no knowledge of repairs to fix the equipment he is using, it is likely to result in much higher costs due to inefficient work speed, personal injury, or equipment damage.

2. Encourage regular upkeep. The key to preventive maintenance is to stop problems before they occur. This includes a variety of things like cleaning the equipment regularly to avoid build ups and following maintenance schedules. With proper total preventive maintenance, the equipment will hold up longer and will require less frequent repairs.

3. Make sure the employee has the general maintenance schedule. This is important because, without the proper maintenance procedures and schedule, please visit sites :- or simplyorganizedonline the employee is left guessing when to perform his general upkeep. This can result in too much time spent doing maintenance, or too infrequent upkeep and subsequent equipment damage.

4. Determine what level of problem you want your worker to be able to handle. If you want them to only do simple maintenance and repairs, then don’t expect them to do more. If you want them to be able to do all repairs, then make sure they are properly trained to handle it.

5. Reward your employees appropriately. Remember that you are basically asking your workers to perform two jobs now. Provide incentives that make it worth it for them.

It can be difficult to switch over to a new maintenance program. However, if done correctly, it can result in increased profits. If you have any doubts about your current program, then total preventive maintenance might be appropriate for your business.

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