What Is a Press Release?

A press release, also referred to as a news release, is a document whose purpose is the dissemination of information in “ready-to-publish” form. Editors of print and broadcast media, to whom news releases are sent, judge them on the basis of news interest for their audience and in some instances on their adaptability to the medium’s form. No payment is made to the publication or station if the material appears in print or on the air.

A press release is prepared and written using a special style of writing that only print and broadcast journalists understand and use. Public relations professionals are educated and trained in this style and understand how to frame and write the release in their “language,” in order to gain maximum exposure in the press for business.

Having your a release published in a newspaper, magazine, news website, television or radio broadcast story adds credibility to your company. A press release is effective because your message is communicated extensively and viewed as newsworthy by the reader or viewer, thus making it an important story.

Many businesses are unaware or do not take advantage of submitting an article to local newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations because they feel there is nothing newsworthy to talk about or they think they are not good writers. That is why it is important to choose a public relations firm to create and write your news release. They will serve as your in-house journalist and write content that the media demands.

An experienced PR firm will optimize and SEO the press release and then distribute it to an extensive media list of at least 10,000 contacts. You should be guaranteed its appearance in dozens of mediums and the exposure will pay dividends over the life of your company.

Some companies offer daily publication reports via email so you are able to track the results and measure its effectiveness. Make sure the company you choose does the same or better to get great results. So when it comes time to promoting your business don’t forget about the media and pitching your story.




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