Being Single Is Not Good News for Your Professional Life

Many people are under the impression that if they are single, they have a better chance to move ahead in their professional life. Of course, it seems logical at first – if you are not in a relationship you have more time to yourself, you have lesser things to think of, etc, etc. However, there are some aspects that one should remember, which may be turn out to be detrimental to a successful professional life. Here are the top three:

You Spend a Lot More Time at the Workplace than you should:

Being single and working would actually make ‘free Internet’ a great reason to hang back in the office even after your workday is done and finished and you are done with your work – which is not a good thing because this might have you get extra work from your superiors, or even have your colleagues pull some of the work onto you because you are ‘there anyway’.  If you are someone who finds it difficult to say no to your colleagues, you have a problem on your hands already.  Finally, you will end up doing jobs that are not worth it, were never meant for you and those that have no forwarding chances for you.

You Have No Talking Bag

Let’s get out with it, not every professional relationship is in always ship shop shape. Sometimes you have issues with your colleagues, or you have issues with your bosses, or sometimes you are just don’t like the company’s policies. And if you have no body to talk about these things, you would end up discussing this with either your colleagues or your friends.  This may have quite some damning effects, for one, you might be considered as someone who ‘speaks badly about the company’, or you might actually ramp up a bad name for the company within its employees – which is not good for you.

You’re a Loser:

Sadly, we live in a society that puts quite some importance into how a person is faring with his or her relationships and their social lives. For example, not having someone to go to on Valentine’s Day may make you the butt of many snickers not only in your work place but also otherwise in your personal space. This will also play a role during office parties, dinners, where everyone comes in with a close friend or spouse and you are nursing your drink.

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