Popular News Series – iPhone 4 Launch Meets With Euphoria

2010 has been an eventful year so far. A very important technological happening of this year has been the launch of iPhone 4 by Apple. This device has garnered attention ever since the first iPhone was launched years back in June 2007. Apple has sold almost 50 million of these handsets in the last three years. The main reasons for the popularity of this phone have been its touch screen.

When Apple bought the iPhone 4 into the stores in San Francisco in US on the morning of June 25, a large number of fans were standing outside the Apple store to greet its arrival. The specialties of this phone are high definition screens and a unique camera that enables one to participate in video chat. In fact there was such a huge frenzy for this phone in people that they were waiting outside the Apple store since the wee hours of the morning. The experts have predicted that this device has a huge demand for it; it will be off the stores as soon as it is produced. More details please visit:-https://junyuanbags.com/ https://topgunsshop.com Technologies-news.com

Although there have been some complaints like a troublesome antenna before the launch of the new iPhone 4, they did not discourage those who were waiting to have a first look of the iPhone 4. This phone has been only launched in some places in USA, Europe and Japan. In fact, it will only make an entry in Asia in July. Still, the demand for the new iPhone outwitted the supply by a huge margin. In Germany, Deutsche Telekom, which is distributing this phone on Apple’s behalf that it lacked handsets to, made the demand of users. In fact, this phone has met with even a better response than the iPad launched by apple in January.

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