News Flash – You Do Not Have to Be Run by Negative Feelings – You Decide

Do you know it’s your choice? You think you are your feelings. You think those negative states that overcome you are you.

Let me tell you. They are not. And, you don’t have to believe what I’m saying you can check it out for yourself.

Something happens and you get mad. Then you’re mad all day. It’s ruined your day. Something frustrates you. Something annoys you. And it has you in it’s grips until something comes along and makes you feel good again.

The revelation is YOU get to decide. It’s your decision.

You have a choice. Something or someone comes along and pushes your button YOU have a choice, you decide.I am not going to let what that person said or did affect my happiness. More details please visit:-

Life is a decision. You decide to go negative or you decide to remain positive. It is your decision.

I know this may be new information to you. Up to now you have felt you are a victim to what goes on out there. You have thought you are a victim to the news, to the economy. You have thought you are a victim to what people say to you. You have thought life is happening to you and you can’t do anything about it. That’s old thinking. You need some new thinking.

The new thinking is this. How you feel is YOUR decision. How your day goes, how your life goes is YOUR decision.

Something happens you notice you start to feel down, to feel blue. Right then you drop that and decide, I am not giving away my happiness to what just happened. I am going to be positive in SPITE of whatever happened.

Someone comes along and says something to you annoying, or maybe belittling, or maybe saddening. Right then, you have a decision. Grab on to that negative feeling, let it take you down, let it make you feel bad OR don’t grab onto it, let it go and decide. I am not going to give away my happiness to that person or that negative feeling. I am making a decision to stay positive in SPITE of whatever is happening.

You decide to be happy or sad, to be in a good mood or a bad mood to have a good day or a miserable day.

Start deciding right now to be positive in spite of whatever happens.

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