Good News About Aging – Your Brain Doesn’t Have to Shrink

It has long been an “everybody knows” that as we age, our brains shrink. That we are all doomed to a future of remorselessly shrinking brains has been one of those ghastly but apparently inevitable “facts of life” that we have all had to live with and can do nothing about.

Well, the good news is it turns out not to be necessarily true, after all. We really need to be wary of these “everybody knows” operations because almost all the “everybody knows” that float around are bad news. “Everybody” apparently hardly ever knows anything that might give us a reason to be cheerful or optimistic. Actually I think the truth of the matter is that at this time “everybody” knows diddly squat. Our so-called information age actually for the most part comprises an awful lot of noise designed to ensure the masses don’t really know much of anything.

Hence, generations of human beings have been walking around with the false datum that the future that awaits them is one of relentless brain shrinkage. Being told you have a brain that is going to atrophy tells you that some mental decline is inevitable. It also tells you that there’s not much point in taking care of yourself really because no matter what you do, your brain is just gonna get smaller, pal. More details please

Our poor old beleaguered brains! If they are not diseased they are shrinking, apparently. The slightest modicum of stress causes them to overheat and implode and they require constant bolstering by chemicals in order to function at all. How did we manage to build entire civilizations before the arrival of the psycho-pharmacy with its endless array of chemical crutches? No wonder people get depressed.

But now we know better we discover that the solution for depression is not a pill (that will probably shrink your brain and thus make the prophesy come true). It is the truth. Just as there are on this somewhat mad planet, industries growing fat on keeping us unwell, it seems there are industries (possibly the same ones) that also prosper on the back of keeping us ignorant of ourselves.

According to research just published in Neuropsychology, the American Psychological Association’s journal, the studies that were supposed to prove that older brains – even the healthy ones – are substantially smaller than younger brains were flawed in so far as they did not screen out people who had undetected brain diseases that were killing off brain cells and thus shrinking the gray matter. In other words, earlier researchers had overestimated the degree of brain atrophy that occurs in older adults and underestimated the typical size of older, healthy brains.

Brain shrinkage, previously attributed to the inevitability of aging, is much more likely to derive from an actual disease, not the mere passage of time. In other words, your brain does not HAVE to shrink. It most likely won’t if you stay well-nourished, healthy, clear of street drugs, prescription drugs and alcohol and mentally stimulated and all these things are under your ability to determine.

Moreover, natural health strategies have been shown to help lower the risk of dementia. Diabetes, cognitive decline, high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity are all conditions that can often be prevented and even reversed using our old friends exercise, sensible diet, stress reduction, nutrients and herbal therapies.

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