More Bad News for Jobs in Newport

Newport’s University has released concerning details about the possible loss of jobs with a projected funding cut of £2 million from the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales. This is in addition to talks regarding a merger with other local higher eduction institutions which could mean further Newport job losses through redundancies.

This will not come as welcomed news for Newport’s job seekers or those currently in employment as it adds the list of concerning proposals to cut jobs at Newport City Council and other state-funding bodies including Office for National Statistics and the Passport Office.

We are already well aware of the staff-led and Union-supported campaign to keep the jobs at Newport City’s Passport Office and there is already a lot of information to suggest that any plans to cut jobs at Newport’s University would be met with the same defensive tactics – but will all the action prove to be futile and a waste of time, energy and money that could better be spent on funding the private sector in creating further jobs for Newport? More details please

Its clear that the private sector is just as needy as the public when trying to salvage jobs – Further concerns were evident this week when local enterprises Bevan & Sons and Stroat Transport, who are two haulage companies, stated real fears of closure citing rising costs, most notably, expensive fuel prices.

Any news related to Newport jobs at the moment seems to be negative and if projections are to be believed, the worst is yet to come. Newport, of course, is no different from the rest of the UK and its residents, local business owners and councillors need to dig deep to ensure this economic period does not set the City back to times before its huge investment and regeneration.

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