Healthy Weight Loss – Holiday Survival Tips

If you’re trying to slim down and achieve healthy weight loss, but the holidays have you worried, there’s no reason to panic. You don’t have to stress out or set back your progress just because you’ll be spending meal times with loved ones!

You want to keep a few major principles in mind as the holidays come nearer to keep your healthy weight loss plan moving full speed ahead.

For starters, fill up on the good-for-you stuff first. Ensure that there’s something healthy and filling for you to eat at holiday meals even if you have to make it yourself, and eat that food first before branching out to other “extracurricular” foods. That way you’re less tempted to overeat.

Another approach to consider: Have a small amount of exactly what you want. If and only if this works for you, decide that this special occasion is OK to make a small exception to your healthy weight loss plan, and have a small amount of whatever food you wish to have. A good rule of thumb is to have either 5 bites of a particular dish or a couple hundred calories — whichever is easier for you to remember.

In order to handle this, though, you still need to have several delicious healthful options to choose from to fill up on before giving in to the foods that are problematic for your waistline. Please note that I only recommend this if taking this approach will not derail your healthy weight loss efforts beyond a single meal or single day at most! I strongly recommend that you decide to go this route solely if you have handled such situations easily in the past.

Watch out for yourself. One of the bigger problems you might encounter is a lack of healthy eating options at holiday meals. In these cases, I typically advise my clients to take a different tack and take care of themselves first.

Develop the menu based first on YOUR needs and then on everyone else’s. Whenever possible, if you can plan a couple delicious healthy recipes, other members of your family will gladly enjoy your healthy fare. You might even convince them to give healthy weight loss a chance to work for them too! More details please visit:-

As for healthy eating recipes, you can often get by making a healthy lasagna with whole wheat pasta, a tomato-based sauce and all veggie layers for yourself and other health-conscious guests, while serving up the unhealthy traditional version to finicky eaters. Likewise, healthy Mexican – think fajita vegetables, beans, brown rice and salsa – can easily have some less-healthy condiments added for a larger guest list.

Leave room for a healthy, delicious dessert. Create a beautiful fruit salad for dessert and get an elaborate candle, floral or fruit arrangement for your centerpiece. Think impressive Edible Arrangements style displays, place slices of colorful fruits in a spiral pattern on a huge platter or even just arrange fresh fruit in vases beautifully. The more attractive and special you make your table without adding unhealthy cakes and “treats” (which I write with quotation marks because junky “treats” only treat your body to less than optimal health and excess weight), the more inclined everyone involved will be to eat the healthful fare.

How can you improve your next special occasion so that you get to eat the best, healthiest foods possible and show your body the respect it truly deserves? With a little advance planning, you can ensure that you will continue to achieve healthy weight loss even over the holidays.

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