Blogging Ideas Into Monologue

Connecting: When you think about it, blogging ideas as a one sided conversation, is not that different to you talking to a friend, and your friend just nodding their head in response without replying verbally. Lets say you write something and I read it, it has the potential to change my day for the better. If you love finding ideas online, someone had to share them there first. Why shouldn’t you be the one to share instead of search? Just like I’m doing here.

Sharing: Thank you. Glad you’re enjoying it. cvv shop I hope you will find my blogging ideas helpful towards your digital marketing and share them with your friends or; You could even use some of the ideas in your own posts to connect with your customers.

Imagination: Yes I agree. The problem with blogging is, you can only imagine what the other person is saying in response. If I was to add all your speech in this post for example, Buy lunesta online it gets long winded. So it takes a just a little thought and imagination, to answer your questions, without creating the questions in the content.

You can save your monologue as a draft first and then keep tweaking it till you’re happy reading it back.

Experience: No and I’ve never been a comedian either thank you. I’m not theatrically trained to monologue, but it is easy to feel like I’m having that kind of one way conversation when I’m blogging ideas for you. I just use that thought to my advantage.

Mistakes: Don’t let getting it wrong make you shiver. It can be a fine line between being scary and showing authenticity, so just keep reading it through till you are certain it makes sense. Ask someone to read it out before posting if you are really uncertain.

Selling: Yes of course it’s important to use sales tactics if you are selling, but not market stall bull. You have to be true to yourself.

How do I do that? Well it’s fairly simple. Imagine someone is interviewing you and asking the perfect questions. Repeat just enough of the question and follow with the answer. Again, just like this example and all I’m writing about is literally blogging ideas.

Questions: Do you find yourself struggling to be authentic the minute you start selling things or writing about them? Try asking yourself the questions, or imagine you are the buyer. What would you want to ask?

Inspire: Look at it from your own point of view as a customer. You are born to buy and there are things you probably enjoy buying, but I bet you do not like being openly sold to by a pushy sales person. The same way children love to learn and be inspires, not be taught forcefully. Can you remember a couple of teachers like this? I know I can.

Advise: Don’t openly teach your subject, simply be the adviser, coach, mentor, expert or anything where your customers will turn to you for advice. That’s what builds trust. More details please visit:-

Practice: Get it right, and the outcome is amazing and engagingly brilliant, providing you with value in return for taking the time to read. Take a look at this clip where Hyacinth talks to wrong numbers on the phone. I love the jumper suggestion – listen out for it and you’ll know exactly what the customer said on the other end of the call, even though she doesn’t openly state it!

Passion: Now imagine you want to talk about your product this way. You need to talk to your readers about why YOU enjoy it, not why they should enjoy it. You need to get them to like and trust you as a person first. They will decide if your product or service will adapt to their life.

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