Sugar Daddy Dating – How to Make Money Dating a Sugar Daddy – 7 Efficient Tips and Mind Games

Your sugar daddy will be happy to give you gifts or do you favors, it is all about the right ways you should ask for them. Let’s face it, sugar daddy singles like spending money and treating you like a princess as it makes them feel cool, generous and “kingly”. You always want your benefactor feeling good about you and about himself.

Then again, you also want gifts. However, you can’t be too obvious and ask bluntly for a new car, you risk frightening him off. Here are seven efficient tips to being diplomatic about asking for money and gifts:

1. Comment how great another girl looks and makes her man looking even better
Idea is to make him want to spend money buying you a dress, a diamond necklace etc while thinking that he’s spending money on himself and his self-image and you just being another prized possession.

2. Ask him for financial advice, act naive and girly.
You want to entice him to open a savings account for you, pour some money in it, and then show you how to manage and invest it. Remember to be properly amazed at his education and knowledge.

3. Always, always look and smell your best
OK, this is obvious but never ever let him see you with messy hair or catch a bad breath. You are the beautiful rose, a perfect illusion. Keep it sexy but classy and keep him coming back for more.

4. Cook him a dinner and run out of (say) wine
You need to plan this ahead. Make a nice meal while wearing a sexy miniskirt then at a critical time find out that there’s no wine and ask for some money to run to the shop and get it. Odds are you will get a credit card so get out and have fun.

5. Go out with a sugar daddy that has just had a break up.
Rich men who recently divorced or broke up with someone will want to make their ex jealous by showing off young and pretty girl, and you can use that. Go with him to shopping centers where his ex will be or where their mutual friends will go, he’ll be happy to shower you with gifts knowing that his ex will hear about it. Show public affection in front of their mutual friends, smile and act happy. Have fun!

6. Say great things about his car, ask to drive etc.
Of course, you want him to buy you a car just like the one he has. Chances are it is an expensive piece of machinery and not a gift you can just ask for flat out. So be diplomatic, admire the car, say this-and-that actress looked like a queen in it etc. Let him know it would make you happy.

7. Every once in a while show you don’t like something you own.
It could be your TV, your cell phone etc, anything that’s a small change for a rich sugar daddy and that he’ll be happy to give you.

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