Tony Buzan and Mind Mapping – Interesting Facts on the Founder of This Powerful Learning Technique

Whenever one brings up the subject of who may know the most concerning the topic of mind mapping then the person whose name appears more often then any other has to be Tony Buzan. Tony is considered an expert in the area of mind mapping and he rightly should be since he is the actual developer of this powerful learning technique. Tony Buzan was born in the year 1942. He is a well known author as well as an educational consultant.

Tony is a long time advocate of the important strategies involving mind mapping. Since its creation, Tony has pushed the techniques to their limits and perfected them to the skills of a fine knife blade. Tony is a native of London England and is a graduate of the Kitsilano Secondary School. In 1964, he received double honors in various subjects such as Psychology, Mathematics, English and General Sciences from the well known University of British Columbia. He is universally known for his self published book entitled “Use Your Head”.

The book “Use Your Head” is Tony’s own endorsement of the mnemonic system as well as the mind mapping strategies which he successfully developed. He decided to introduce his copyrighted software program in an effort to boaster his mind mapping technology. This promotion of his software was accomplished via his website known as iMindMap. This site has considerable amounts of information on his program and represents the sole mind mapping software package support location. The software program was launched in December of 2006. Tony’s own website, the Buzan World holds the rights to the trade name on the slogan “Mind Maps” and it is legally registered in a number of different countries.

After Buzan’s established a TV documentary series in 1970 for the BBC network in England many of his concepts and ideas were set within the pages of five main books. These books were Master Your Memory, Use Your Memory, Use Your Head, The Mind Map Book and The Speed Reading Book. Since the end of the 70’s Tony has authored and co-authored more than one hundred additional books.

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