Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Ideas and Tips

Getting married in a church is a grandiose affair where everything is scripted and everyone has an assigned seat and an assigned job. An outdoor wedding ceremony is just about as far away from that as you can get, and that is what makes it so unique. Coming up with creative outdoor wedding ceremony ideas is quite easy when you know what to look for.

You are in the fresh air, natural lighting and there is normally more open space for your guests to mingle before you walk down the aisle (or path in some cases).

In almost every town, a historical building or “founders homestead” has been preserved and restored with wonderful flower gardens. If you are planning a May or June outdoor wedding these are some of the best locations to choose.

The agency in charge of the grounds will always keep them in perfect condition, and they are very happy to rent the location out for an outdoor wedding. You probably cannot have your reception on the grounds, but a wedding during normal local business hours is usually welcomed and encouraged.

Another great place to have an outdoor wedding ceremony is at your church. Not many people consider this, but many churches have impeccable surroundings. The best part about this option is that if the weather turns on you, you can easily have a contingency plan set up. Everyone will just go inside and you proceed as if nothing happened (almost).

A place that people do not usually think of when planning an outdoor wedding, is a local restaurant. A restaurant is a really good place to have an any type of wedding, indoor or outdoor (if they have the space). This will also save you a lot of money if you time it properly.

If you have a guest list of around 100 people, that will fill most medium-sized restaurants for the evening. You can have your wedding ceremony on their grounds and then move the reception inside the restaurant. Your guests can order from the menu at normal prices plus gratuity. This way, you can save loads on catering!

In a larger restaurant they may have a room large enough for your guests and offer you an outdoor wedding space for a very low price or even free to get 100+ people ordering that night. This is not applicable in all areas, but if it is available in your area, take advantage of it. Your venue is almost free and you only pay for meals and drinks at regular menu prices.


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