Never Give Up – Change Ideas and Change Your Life

The term ‘never give up’ is used as a positive suggestion that often gives hope and encouragement when sorely needed. It’s a tribute to the human spirit to keep on going despite all odds, and in the face of many obstacles.

Everyone has hopes and dreams that the future will bring the promise of fulfillment of the things that we all aspire to achieve. A never give up attitude combines will-power, desire, belief in oneself, and a natural faith that good things will happen in their own time.

Sometimes, however, a re-evaluation of sorts is in order. To keep on doing the same thing that is bringing no results will probably bring the same outcome down the line. To be told to never give up can sometimes appear hollow to those who feel they have tried their best but still are not achieving their dreams.

There is an answer to this kind of predicament. To get different results there must be a change of ideas or an alteration in the beliefs that are causing the difficulty. An individual can try for years to get ahead financially, for example, always seeming to take one step forward and unfortunately two steps backwards at the same time. If such an individual were to examine his or her own ideas about money, more often than not, he or she would find that there are two sets of directly opposing ideas that are cancelling each other out, so to speak, and causing such a person to live at cross-purposes–often without consciously knowing it.

Such an individual may believe that he or she wants to make a lot of money, yet also believing that money is the root of all evil. In such a case this person would be sabotaging his or her own efforts–again, without knowing so consciously. Only an examination of one’s own beliefs can uncover the ideas that are at the root of the problem. Never giving up is necessary and good, but without an alteration in thinking, the same results will continue to occur, slowly sapping both the energy and drive to succeed of the individual in our hypothetical example.

Such an examination requires an open and flexible mind, realizing that just because we believe something to be true doesn’t necessarily mean that it is true. A belief is any idea that we accept as fact. Some of these “facts” may no longer serve us well and must be identified and ‘plucked out.’

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