How to Get eBook Ideas and Write an eBook Easily

Have you ever asked yourself why you don’t come up with good ideas when you want to write? Failing to find good ideas is the toughest hurdle people face when writing. And it is the mean culprit behind their fear of writing an eBook. How do I write an eBook when I can’t even write good ideas down?

I faced this problem before. I was surprised at how easy it is to solve. But before you know the solution, you need to know the cause.

Novice writers don’t come up with valuable ideas when writing an eBook because they don’t focus well when writing. They only focus on crossing their sentences out. This makes the eBook writing experience more difficult. As a result, they feel stuck and can’t write one sentence let alone valuable ideas.

Not getting good eBook ideas is just normal in this case. This is because you don’t use your energy on writing, but on editing your unfinished work. To use your energy on writing, you need to stop correcting yourself while you are writing.

A writer is like an architect. Architects design buildings, but they don’t build them. Building is the job of construction workers. Have you ever seen someone who is an architect and a construction worker at the same time? Never. Why? Because they have different jobs. Architects design and workers build. Similarly, a writer writes and an editor edits.

You go through two processes when you write an eBook:

1. the writing process

2. The editing process.

Both of these processes require action. Doing both of them at the same time is well-nigh impossible. You may do it, but you won’t be pleased with the result. You can try it yourself. Just write something and each time you make a mistake, stop and correct it. You’ll notice that you won’t be able to preserve the ideas you have. You’ll feel lost and your mind will go blank.

The writing and editing processes must be done separately. Don’t correct your mistakes. Just write freely without stopping. Stopping at every mistake and correcting it will consume your energy. Once you finish writing, you can edit and correct the way you want.

You can try this yourself. Write something freely without stopping even if you make flagrant mistakes. You’ll experience an increase in the number of ideas you have.

I tried this method in days gone by. I wasn’t able to write one paragraph because I was worried about my grammar, usage, word order, etc. Each time I begin to write, I say to myself “no, this is not correct, I need to change it.” That really made me nervous and I eventually gave up. But the first time I tried this method, ideas just flowed. I wrote more than 3 pages! I was really happy. I couldn’t even finish writing a paragraph easily!

Use this method and I guarantee that ideas will just flow. All you have to do is write freely without stopping. Don’t stop at all. If you feel like you don’t have ideas, ask a question. Then you’ll start writing again automatically. But the most important thing is to stop correcting yourself while writing. After all, your main job as a writer is to come up with ideas not to edit them. Editing is the job of an editor. Don’t waste your energy on correcting yourself, but use it to come up with something of value.

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