Increase Your Creativity – How To Capture More Ideas And Supercharge Your Creativity

To be more creative, and to lead a fulfilling creative life, there are certain key elements that we need to have in place, even though we’re each unique in what and how we create.

One of these Keys To Creativity is learning how to have a constant stream of ideas.

Among the top issues many of us struggle with as creative people is having enough ideas. Ideas are the starting point for all creative projects. If there’s no idea to begin developing, then all the creativity in the world isn’t going to have any effect.

It’s like expecting to grow a forest in your back garden without planting a single seed.

The common complaint is that we simply don’t HAVE enough ideas. We feel that we’re not creative enough to produce a high enough number of good ideas to keep our creativity fed and active.

There’s a crucial point we overlook though. That is, it’s not about how many ideas we HAVE. It’s about how many ideas we CAPTURE.

How many times has a brilliant idea come to you at a random moment in the shower or in a meeting, or while out shopping for example, and you’ve thought “Wow, that’s a good idea, I could really do something with that…”? Then days or weeks, or even months later, you remember having this great idea. But can you remember what the actual idea was? Not a chance!

Ideas like this flow to us all the time, we can’t switch off our creativity. But if we don’t capture the ideas we have, we might as well just ignore them completely for all the use they are to us.

The easiest way to capture your ideas is to carry a notebook, sketchbook, voice recorder or camera with you at all times. When an idea comes to you, record it right away in as much detail as you can. As soon as this idea is captured, you’ve given it permission to be something wonderful. This permission also extends to the producer of the ideas – your creative mind.

Because you’ve taken notice of an idea, and given it a chance to evolve by recording it, you send a very clear message to your creative mind. You’re saying “I’m really interested in your ideas, they’re very important to me. You keep coming up with them and I’ll keep noting them down and using them.”

If you were in a job where your boss said a similar thing to you, wouldn’t it give you the green light be able to consistently come up with more creative ideas because you know they’re going to be listened to and made use of? Of course it would. And that’s exactly what happens with your creative mind when you start recording your ideas.

You’ll find in a very short space of time that the more ideas you have, the more ideas you have.

And since we found earlier that ideas are the seeds from which we can grow great creative forests, I think you’ll agree that the more seeds you gather and sow, the more creative and fulfilled you’re going to be.

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