Ideas and Outline for a Eulogy

Creating a eulogy to present at the funeral services of someone is a very important role to take on. You want to make sure you write something that comes from the heart, that embraces the life of that person, and that you can be proud of when all is said and done. This can be stressful too, because you feel the pressure of delivering this important contribution to a memorial service.

The friends and family of the deceased are relying on you to offer them comfort and to evoke great memories during this difficult time for them. You should feel honored to be a part of it, and here you will find some ideas to help you accomplish a compelling eulogy. You shouldn’t feel intimidated in the least and you should allow your emotions to be part of a very touching eulogy.

You can write about anything you want, but you need to deliver a clear message with confidence. You don’t need to focus on being perfect; you need to focus on doing the best you can. You aren’t going to have lots of time to write it and your emotions are all over the place. Don’t worry about if people will like it or if it is too long. Grab some paper and a pen and just write what comes to mind about that person. You can go back through it later and decide what to include and what to remove from the eulogy.

Think about what inspires you about that person. Think about memories, stories, fun times, and even the feeling that they had. Go through photo albums, videos, and more to remind yourself of key times that you would like others to know about. You have to set a tone for the eulogy and you can go with humor, being sad, being thoughtful, and being serious. It all depends on how the occasion is going to be represented and about that individual you are talking about.

As you start to narrow down your ideas for the eulogy, you need to organize your thoughts so that you have an introduction, you cover the key points and ideas, and there is a smooth transition from one topic to the next. You also want to include a conclusion so that the eulogy comes to a good ending rather than an abrupt stop.

With your outline in hand, you can then start to write down all of the details. You want to include key points so that you don’t get frazzled during the presentation of the eulogy. Once you have a good draft, put it away until the next day. Then you can review it for mistakes, make changes, and make additions or remove items. Try to include things that will touch the other listeners in the audience too.

You do want to practice the eulogy out loud so that you are able to see the flow of it and to estimate the amount of time it will take. You don’t want to be rushed to complete it. If you are stumped for how to open, offer a quote that can be funny or inspirational. This is going to capture the attention of the audience so that all eyes and ears are on you.

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