How to Find Good Deals For Hawaiian Vacations

Going to Hawaii on a vacation is a dream come true. People save all year long, sometimes for many years, just to save enough money to take a vacation to the Hawaiian Islands. Many of those people will only get the chance to visit Hawaii once in their lives while others will go to the Aloha State at least once per year.

Hawaiian vacations may include: honeymoons, engagements, family vacations, adventure seeking, snorkeling and scuba vacations, Pearl Harbor vacations and so much more. However, going on a Hawaiian vacation can also be really expensive

How to Save Money on Your Hawaiian Vacation

1. Travel During the Down Time.

Hawaii peaks from late May/early June to late August/early September. The slow time of year is between late September and mid-December and again from late January to late April. When looking to book a Hawaiian vacation, look to book during the down times. You’ll find better deals on air fare and hotels because the airlines and hotels will be trying to put butts in seats and heads in beds.

The Islands will be a lot less bustle and a lot more Aloha!

2. Use Coupon Sites

There are lots of sites on the internet where you’ll be able to find coupons on different sightseeing tours and locations in Hawaii. Specifically, the Go Oahu card offers many great savings on attractions all over the Islands, and not only Oahu.You’ll even find great deals on dining, lodging and car rentals. All you have to do is look and the deals are sure to jump out at you.

3. Get a Hawaiian Itinerary from someone who knows

Yes, while you may have to spend a little bit of money on a custom-made Hawaiian vacation itinerary, the savings that you can get are well worth the price. A professional who actually lives in Hawaii and is able to point you in the right direction will have the best chance of saving you money by telling you where the deals are, what’s worth spending a lot of money on and what not to spend your money on.

For instance, did you know that Pearl Harbor is the busiest between 10 and 2 daily? Or that there is an art festival on Saturdays in Kapiolani Park in Waikiki? These are the specifics that you need to know about Hawaii money saving tips.

4. Pack a Separate Vacation Bag

A lot of people will spend lots of money on little things in Hawaii that are more expensive on the islands and in touristy area, such as the resorts and Waikiki. To avoid this, you can pack a separate bag with film, batteries, sunscreen, snorkeling gear, towels and sunglasses. Whatever you think you may need! Remember, though, this bag will have to be checked at the airport as you can’t carry-on luggage with liquids such as sunscreen inside your carry-on bag. Also, upon entering and exiting Hawaii, the Hawaii Customs Department will check your bags and luggage for certain unauthorized items. Even though Hawaii is one of the 50 states the import/export rules are strict.

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