Details On How To Save On Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a good reason to start evaluating your current coverage, and make some changes which might save you some money. Your statistics change with each year and the result could put you in a different rate group. Here are a few details to consider.

An old traffic violation or accident could have expired off your record by now, and you need to make sure the insurance company isn’t holding it against you. In addition, you could be a year older which could put you in a different age group. Both of these conditions can cause your premiums to be much lower, and a good reason to investigate your own driver record.

Even if Georgia’s Financial Responsibility law requires you to have a minimum of 25/50/25, you may be in a financial situation where that simply isn’t enough limit of coverage to protect your other assets. You can raise the amount of your maximum limit to a more appropriate level. Keep in mind that Georgia no longer accept insurance cards as proof of liability.

Bodily Injury policies are designed to protect all parties involved in an accident. Bodily injury liability covers the injuries or death of other people, if you are at-fault. Property damage liability covers you if your car causes damage to other cars, fences, houses or other objects. It also covers your defense, if you are sued.

Uninsured motorist bodily injury covers you and anyone else in your car for injuries, or death, if anyone who is not insured involves you in a wreck. It pays medical bills, and a death benefit, up the the limit you set in your policy.

Collision and Comprehensive insurance both have deductibles which you can select, according to your ability to pay them out of savings, if you have a claim. By raising the deductibles you can lower your premium. Both of these policies also have choices of maximum coverage. You can choose a lower limits and save money. If the car is financed, the lender will require enough coverage to protect their interest.

Roadside Assistance does not cover any mechanical repairs or property damage. It’s a benefits membership that pays to have your car towed, fix a flat tire, bring fuel and jump start your car, if the battery fails. This is optional feature and you do not have to take it.

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