Mythbusting: Closing iPhone Apps Helps Battery Life

What if I told you the title above could be a complete and utter lie? Read on to find out how not closing iPhone Apps could improve your battery life.

iOS, the software behind iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is a truly remarkable system. The detail its written in; the depth it goes to for simplicity is simply indescribable to the average user.

For many years iPhone users have debated the various methods to increase their devices precious battery life. The age-old topic that pops up is closing apps will help battery life.

Surely Closing Background Apps Helps my iPhone’s Battery, Right?

Logic would say that closing an app stops it running. With it not running it’s not using battery. This in itself IS a good logic; unfortunately it is the windows operating system that has caused us to behave like this.

Windows is a power hog when it comes to Apps. Don’t get me wrong this is brilliant for when it comes to multitasking, but let’s be honest; who can focus on five apps/tasks at once (other than our mothers)?

So How Do iPhone Apps Behave?

There are a few technicalities to this, but I’ll try to summarise it best I can. iOS as a system itself only runs one ‘app’ at a time. When you switch apps the app you were previously running is frozen at the point you left it; the idea being that when you load this app again it’ll jump back in almost instantly.

Yes, These apps are still sat in the memory.Yes, These apps will use some battery life.

Apple are very good at memory management. When your iPhone needs to use more memory than what is available it will start closing background apps to get it. This is an automated process.

So, by closing iPhone apps you’re actually making the phone work harder next time you open that app, as the iPhone has to load the app back into memory all over again.

So How Does This Affect My iPhone’s Battery Life?

A good analogy here is driving a car; imagine turning your engine off at every red light; we all know it then uses more petrol (or diesel) to restart the engine than it does to keep it ticking over. The same applies for apps on your iPhone, by leaving them in the memory process you should notice an improvement in battery life.

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