Titanium Rings – Why Buy One?

Good question – why indeed? To answer it we need to go back to basics but also, by answering it, a whole avalanche of questions open up, so let’s start at the beginning.

1. It is hypoallergenic, which in short means that very few people have skin so sensitive that they will react to it – unlike gold or silver where reactions are quite common. A lot of customers come to us with this problem and are very pleased when they find that they have the opportunity to wear an item of jewellery that not only will cause them not to break out in lesions of Biblical proportions, but also looks stunning when inlaid with gold, platinum or diamonds.

2. Titanium has excellent corrosion resistance due to the fact that when it is scratched or machined, the surface forms a protective oxide layer almost instantaneously. This accounts for the reason why it does not lose its colour by tarnishing like gold or silver does.

3. Strength to weight ratio – Titanium is as strong as steel but with around half the weight making rings made from this material some of the most comfortable to wear. Design also plays a big part in the comfort of a ring as well of course, GETi rings are shaped for comfort and highly polished on the inside which makes them some of the easiest to wear. Many people apprehensive about wearing a ring quickly grow accustomed to wearing one of ours, this is especially true due to the fact that the majority of our rings can be modified in wall thickness and width to the personal requirements of each individual.

4. Long lasting – Titanium rings will last a lifetime if not seriously abused with hammers and spanners, but, on the other hand, they are not Kryptonite and will show signs of wear in time. Small scratches will appear quite quickly as with rings made from gold or silver and the same rule applies to Titanium rings as to precious metal rings – if you buy a polished ring it will dull down, and if you buy a satin ring it will polish up, meeting somewhere in the middle. Refurbishment of your ring is quite straight forward to us because we specialize in Titanium.

Buying your ring from a GETi stockist either online or from a ‘bricks and mortar’ gallery ensures the best possible service with regard to sizing and refinishing. We do not recommend internet auction sites or major high street jewellery outlets for your ring. A lot of these stockists import their rings from the Far East and their knowledge of the product is very limited. Also please be advised that some rings with what appears to have a reasonable solid gold inlay only have sections of thin gold plate on them – this will wear off very quickly. Please contact us for details of your nearest GETi stockist to avoid disappointment.


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